How to join K-Link with Your website

Alessio Vertemati

What we will see?

  • What types of integrations are possible
  • What steps are necessary to integrate a search on your website

2 type of integrations

Search from the website on a K-Link

2 type of integrations

Publish to K-Link from the website

Let's integrate the search on "Improved KM" in our OneOffTech website

The K-Link has an Application Programming Interface (API) we can use

The API is protected so we need a developer account

Step 1


  • The K-Link imposes the authentication of the application that wants to perform actions
  • The application must run on a domain, e.g.
  • The community administrator can deny the registration

Add the Open Source K-Link client to your site


Configure the library


A bit more on the library

There are various configuration options Behind it there is a client that can be used without the UI, so you can create your interaction

							npm install

							yarn add

This is a total custom integration

that you can create using the library

What we saw

  • Different types of integrations
  • via K-Link Application Programming Interface
  • Community has control of who joins
  • How to use the K-Search-JS library